About Us

Our architectural firm was established in 1988, and has been producing architectural design projects for new buildings in various scale and functions, since that time. Furthermore, our firm has also been working in the field of documentation and conservation of curtural property, which as a discipline, we consider significantly important for a country. The projects, completed in this context, ranges form urban scale conservation master plans up to single building restoration projects.

Since we have a large range of fields of activity requiring various expertise, we preferred to structure a smaller core office, working with experts and consultants in the project scale, instead of a mass design office, comprising neccessary designers and experts from different fields according to its long-term targets. For the time being, many projects, primarily including the works in the field of conservation of cultural properties, had been the outcomes of discussions and studies of a large interdisciplinary participation.

After accumulating 25 years of expertise and experience in various fields under the general title of 'architecture', our firm begun to provide consultancy service for various companies and governmental institutions. Besides, in the recent years, our firm has started providing design and consultancy service internationally.

This web site contains some selected projects completed by our firm.


He was born in 1963 in Beşikdüzü Trabzon. In 1986, he was graduated form Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture and was attained the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. He worked for Yakup Hazan Architecture Office between 1985 - 86 and for Can Ersan Architecture Office between 1986 - 87. In 1987, together with a group of his friends, he was awarded TAÇ Foundation Conservation Prize for his restoration and conservation studies in the Middle East Technical University Department of Restoration Co. Ltd. His project for Urfa State Hospital Architectural Design Competition was awarded with honorable mention. ın the following years,he worked in various professional commisions within the Turkish Chamber of Architects. Presently, within Fon Architecture and Restoration Co. Ltd., he has been performing in the fielda of architecture and restoration. Faik Ahmet Şenel who is married and has two sons, knows english.